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The Charm of Equity ; Invest Wisely

At Barjeel we ensure that our client’s investments match their risk- return-liquidity objectives, we educate and counsel them on various aspects of investment and help them to select a suitably diversified portfolio.

Equity is the most preferred asset class for those seeking wealth creation in long term. An NRI can invest in the Indian capital market by buying in the secondary market or by subscribing to public offers by corporate. The trading can be done offline or online.

Offline Trading
Call your nearest Barjeel office. A dedicated representative will cater to your transactional needs throughout the trading hours.
Online Trading
Hassle free trading at your own convenience by simply signing in by using unique user name and password.
Barjeel Geojit Securities
Download and invest through Mobile app – Flip Me. Flipme is user friendly, has attractive interface and is flexible with different time zones.
Barjeel Geojit Securities
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